John S Benson - Music for Brass Band

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Pagination refers to the full score.

Encore 2     (16pp - 2 mins) A bit of fun! - 2 keys - 2 tunes
Fanfare from 'La Peri'     (9pp - 2 mins) Arrangement from 'La Peri' by Dukas
(Originally scored for orchestral brass)
[Published by Kirklees Music]
Remembrance     (9pp - 2 mins) A gentle piece - written on 11 Sep 2004
In Memoriam Beslan & New York
Passacaglia     (43pp - 8 mins) Variations on a ground bass
Two Negro Spirituals - No 1 - Steal away
(5pp - 1 mins)
A basic setting - a good warmup
Two Negro Spirituals - No 2 - Joshua
(24pp - 3 mins)
Needs No 1 before it as both spirituals are combined
Fanfarria     (17pp - 2 mins) A fanfare in 5/8 time with central cadenza for cornet and xylophone - also available for military band
Christmas Tune     (13pp - 2 mins) A merry piece based in ideas by Kathryn Hutchinson - suitable for less than full band forces
Bruce's March     (17pp - 2 mins) Not all bars have 4 beats! - a characterization of the composer's Airedale
Overture     (31pp - 6 mins) A turbulent minor opening with a major close (and a good tune!)
Requiem Aeternam     (14pp - 4 mins) An adaptation and expansion of an original choral setting
Scherzo     (46pp - 8 mins) A fairly modern score - frequent time sig. changes - a lively solo cornet part  - also available for military band
Happy Birthday     (5pp - 1 min) 2 verses - the first a standard setting, the second a bit more interesting
Goodnight Ladies     (14pp - 3 mins) An extended arrangement of the traditional tune
Encore 1     (14pp - 1 mins) Another fun piece - 3 sections - 3 chords - 1 key!
Andrea's Ascension Aria     (14pp - 4 mins) Eb Sop solo and band - a commission from Andrea, written on Ascension Day

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